Bear Mountain is a music band from Vancouver, BC. We collaborated with Teonanácatl Audiovisual to create the title sequence and VFX of the band’s music video Two Step. 
This video was one of the most time-consuming and challenging projects we’ve made so far. We used frame-by-frame masking techniques to create the illusion of transparency over the character and objects, which was a new concept for us. We learned a great deal from this project, and are looking forward to another similar challenge.
Bear Mountain
Video credits:
Direction – Toiz Rodríguez, Héctor Smith
Producer – Toiz Rodriguez
Creative Direction – Kenji Rodríguez-Tanamachi
Post-production – Gámomo Creative Lab, Teonanácatl Audiovisual
Compositors – Hector Smith, Lydia Fu, Kenji Rodríguez-Tanamachi, Efrain Perez
Bear Mountain, Two Step, XO
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