Bear Mountain is a music band from Vancouver, BC. We were requested to work on the title sequence, credits and VFX of the band’s music video Congo
This video means a lot to us, not just for its complexity and details, but also because we got to collaborate with many talented animators, both 2D and 3D. We want to thank them all for being part of the Gámomo family, and exceeding our expectations in a super tight schedule.
Bear Mountain

Video credits:
Director – Ben Gulliver
Producer – Kyle Hollet

VFX Creative Direction – Kenji Rodríguez-Tanamachi
VFX Supervisor – Efraín Pérez
Color Correction – Efraín Pérez
Storyboard – Joanna Ambrosio
Animation Director – Juan Behrens
Concept Art – Juan Behrens, Clarisa Valdez, Ismael Cosio
Art Direction – Clarisa Valdez
Animation – Efraín Pérez, Kenji Rodríguez-Tanamachi, Derek Saddler, Thomas McKeen, Alejandro Dávila, Lorcan O’Shanahan, Juan Behrens

Bear Mountain, Congo, XO
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